Data-driven domain strategies tailored to your goals

In-depth domain strategies tailored to your needs provide the insight required to perform targeted domain registrations, acquisitions and renewals, which maximize your portfolio’s value.

Actionable insights that keep your online assets safe

Unaccounted for domain names can leave your brand exposed to renewal lapses and subsequent infringing registrations by third parties. Webnames resolves this by providing risk mitigation strategies that include domain consolidation, UDRP and URS consultations.

Capitalize on opportunities to strengthen your brand’s value

Regular portfolio reviews position your brand to take advantage of the new TLDs and ensure that each of your domain names truly enhance and protect your online presence.

Optimized domain portfolios

  • Tailored domain strategies ensure that vulnerabilities are quickly identified and mitigated before bad actors can harm your brand.
  • Leveraging years of experience, Webnames helps identify and capitalize on opportunities to expand and improve your online presence.
  • Regularly conducted portfolio reviews ensure that infringing registrations are immediately acted upon – whether through enforcement or acquisition.

Expert advice from Canada’s leading corporate registrar

  • From registering a .com to capitalizing on a new TLD registration opportunity, Webnames helps manage your portfolio and position it for success.
  • As an accredited Trademark Clearinghouse domain registrar, Webnames secures your brand in the Trademark Clearinghouse, granting access to the priority registration phase as well as providing a unique degree of trademark protection.
  • Expertise in the new gTLDs helps you identify new marketing opportunities your brand can capitalize on.