Gain the peace of mind you deserve

The DPML not only applies to a single domain, but blocks registrations matching your trademark across hundreds of domain extensions. Whether it’s an exact match or variation of your trademark, the DPML blocks domain registrations that infringe on your brand.

Full control over your brand

While a single DPML registration prevents non-trademark owners from registering matching domains across a vast number of TLD extensions, individual domains can still be operated via DPML overrides.

Brand protection simplified

The DPML block doesn’t just cover a single domain name - it covers names that match or contain your mark, across hundreds of TLD extensions. This protects your brand across different extensions for multiple years for a single fee.

Defend your brands across hundreds of extensions

  • Designed to be a practical defense mechanism for mark holders, the DPML keeps the intellectual properties of brands safe under a comprehensive list of extensions.
  • DPML users receive full control over their blocks to give mark holders full control over their brand’s narrative and messaging.

Simplified portfolio protection

  • Each DPML block has a minimum term of five years to ensure that long term protection from infringing domain registrations.
  • The DPML ensures your brand receives full coverage protection while minimizing costs.