Targeted domain registrations that are relevant to your brand

A customized domain strategy ensures that your brand is positioned to defend against infringement and capitalize on relevant domain extensions.

Trademark Clearinghouse

As Canada’s only accredited Trademark Clearinghouse domain registrar, Webnames provides full integration between Trademark Clearinghouse enrollment and subsequent early new gTLD registration opportunities.

Stay informed of new updates

nsight from your account manager provides a framework to protect your brand and capitalize on new opportunities. With hundreds of new gTLD extensions currently available, your account manager monitors and assesses new gTLD news on your behalf.

Gain priority access to each new TLD launch

  • Position your brand as a thought-leader by securing and utilizing relevant new domain extensions for your business.
  • Receive priority access to key gTLDs and prevent possible infringement on your registered trademarks.

TLD advisories and registration support

  • Be the first to receive important information about the new gTLDs, registration requirements, launch phases and more.
  • Gain valuable insight as to how each TLD works and how to successfully secure a related registration.